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Classification of Street Electric Motor Scooters and Selection of Their Quality

- Apr 09, 2018 -

Street electric motor scooters are very common vehicles on the street, powered by electricity. According to relevant national standards, street electric motorcycles belong to motor vehicles and can be divided into two series: electric motorcycles and electric mopeds.


As for the number of wheels, street electric motor scooters can be divided into electric three-wheeled motorcycles and electric two-wheeled motorcycles. The former refers to the highest design speed greater than 50km/h, and the entire vehicle trimming quality does not exceed 400kg. Wheel motorcycles; while the latter's maximum design speed is greater than 50km/h.


When consumers purchase street electric motorcycles, they must first check their batteries. The quality of batteries also directly affects the operation of motors, chargers, controllers, and other components. The point is to see if the battery manufacturer has strength, whether the product is hard and the service life of the battery.


Street electric motor scooters also need to have chargers to charge before they can travel. The quality of chargers is directly related to the length of battery life. Therefore, in general, the regular manufacturers of battery production are all supporting the production of chargers and batteries. When choosing a charger, be sure to pay attention to the regular manufacturer's charger.


In addition, motors, controllers, etc., as the core of street electric motorcycles, are not only the key for electric vehicles to perform functions such as start-up and acceleration, but also serve as auxiliary for electric vehicle stepless speed control, brake power-off, and soft start functions. Device. Therefore, when you buy electric cars, you must test drive in person and feel more.

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