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Classification of off-road motorcycles

- Apr 20, 2018 -

Off-road motorcycles have a variety of classifications and they are divided into 90, 110, 125, 150, 200, 250, and 400 in terms of displacement. Off-road motorcycles will also be divided into the following categories from use:


Venue off-road motorcycle (commonly known as high game):


Such off-road motorcycles are also tall, simple, strong, shock-absorbing performance, without any unnecessary decoration and lamps, power output emphasis on the low-speed area, explosive power. However, when this type of off-road motorcycle is driving, it is also a little difficult to pay attention to the short, and the best technology is not far from it.


Forest Road Motocross (also known as endurance high race):


This forest-based off-road motorcycle is similar to a field racing car, but its power performance will be more smooth and durable, and it will be able to install simple lamps later to adapt to durable driving.


Civil-type off-road motorcycle (subdivided into sport-type, off-road and dual-purpose type, and the engine is divided into two strokes and four strokes):


This civilian off-road motorcycle is relatively simple in structure and relatively easy to maintain. In this way, dynamics are suitable for civilians and amateur off-road enthusiasts.


Long-distance Endurance Motocross (also civil and professional):


Speaking of this long-distance endurance off-road motorcycles will generally have a larger shroud, tall and mighty, high quality, powerful power, durability, weight, high oil storage and so on. However, we must pay attention to the use of this time, do not run the desert and long-distance travel less touch it, fuel consumption is relatively high!


Retro Motocross (also known as grass fly):


Retro Motocross is relatively simple in structure, and on this model it will be very fierce and without losing the softness, easy to maintain, and the cost is relatively low, more suitable for outdoor enthusiasts. In this retro motocross driving characteristics is 4 points off-road 6 points highway. And on this retro off-road motorcycle easy to control, power output emphasizes ultra-low speed, high torque, shock absorption performance is also very good.

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