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Classic off-road motorcycle speed and design requirements

- May 11, 2018 -

The characteristics of the classic off-road motorcycle engine, in the process of operation, its engine is a two-stroke or four-stroke gasoline engine, which will effectively use its air-cooled cooling in the process of use, there will be natural air-cooling and forced during operation. Two kinds of air-cooled.

During the operation of a classic off-road motorcycle, its general model is mainly based on the natural air-cooling cooling mode that the air blows through the cylinder head and the heat sink on the cylinder sleeve during the driving process. In order to ensure low speed and cooling of the engine before unraveling, a high-power motorcycle engine adopts a forced air-cooling method of installing a fan and an air hood, and using forced introduction of air to cool fins.

The speed of a classic off-road motorcycle engine is high, and when it is used, it is generally 5,000 rpm or more. When it is operated, its power is high, and when it is used, it is generally about 60 kW/l. This shows that the motorcycle engine has a high degree of reinforcement and the engine has a small external dimension.

The crankcase of the classic off-road motorcycle is integrated with the clutch and the transmission and has a compact structure. During operation, the body is directly composed of a cylinder block, a crankcase, and a cylinder head. In the process of manufacturing, the cylinder head is mainly Aluminum fins are cast from aluminum alloy. New four-stroke motorcycle engines adopt overhead valve, chain drive, overhead camshaft structure.

The cylinder material of classic off-road motorcycles is mainly made of bimetal when it is made, so that better heat dissipation effect can be obtained. Some motorcycles use wear-resistant cast iron cylinders, and the crankcase is made of aluminum alloy by die casting. Box combination. Some motorcycles have a buffer block between the heat dissipation signs to suppress the noise emitted by the heat sink vibrations. The crankshaft of the motorcycle engine adopts a combined type and is formed by press-fitting the left half crankshaft, the right half crankshaft and the crank pin. The main shafts of the left and right axle shafts are equipped with ball bearings for supporting the crankshaft on the crankcase.

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