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Characteristics of mountain sports motorcycle engine and body

- Dec 13, 2017 -

Speaking of the characteristics of mountain sports motorcycle, the first point to speak, the engine actually means two-stroke or four-stroke gasoline engine. Then, on the mountain sports motorcycle engine is actually used in cooling air, this time, in fact, there will be two natural and forced air cooling. General models that will be used directly on the adoption of the air blowing through the cylinder head or cylinder liner heat transfer away from the heat of a series of natural air cooling.

High-powered mountain sports motorcycle engine In order to ensure low speed and did not start before the engine cooling, at this time, the use of the fan and the wind shield or air forced cooling using forced cooling air cooling the way.

Mountain sports motorcycle engine speed is relatively high, generally can be directly guaranteed at 5000 r / min or more. In terms of its power output (per liter of engine displacement issued by the effective power) will be relatively large, in general, that is, it will be at 60 kW / l or so. In fact, this will explain the motorcycle engine on a high degree of enhancement, the engine size is relatively small, the crankcase and clutch or transmission design, the structure is very compact.

Speaking of mountain sports motorcycle body, on its own that is, will be from the cylinder head and its cylinder block and crankcase three parts, its cylinder head is also cast from the aluminum alloy that is, there will be heat sink on its The new four-stroke motorcycle engine is also used by the overhead valve and its chain drive and overhead camshaft structure.

Finally, on the mountain sports motorcycle cylinder body material that is to bimetallic (wear cast iron liner cast aluminum heat sink) more, so to speak, that is, will get better cooling effect. On a number of mountain sports motorcycle body to a large extent that is, will wear resistant cast iron cylinder, the more common Yangtze River 750 or Jialing JH70 type, some small is to use other models.

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