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Battery Types and Performance of Electric Cargo Tricycles

- May 23, 2018 -

During the use of the electric cargo tricycle, its electric power is used as an important energy source for its complex conditions and high environmental protection conversion rate. It is widely used in production and life when it is used, and it is mainly used for electric power during operation. It is one of the important topics studied by all countries in the world to drive the upgrading of transportation, promote the development of low-carbonization in the transportation industry, reduce transportation costs, save energy, and protect the environment.

The electric cargo tricycle has the advantages of flexible maneuverability, convenient maintenance, strong applicability, and simple maintenance, and has advantages such as low cost when used, and it can flexibly pass through narrow roads to a certain extent. Its equipment is to a certain degree. With its reversing switch, it is easy to realize the reverse driving function, which is very practical in alleys and alleys where the road is narrow, and it is very convenient for both parking and parking. Widely used in families, urban and rural areas, individual rental, factory areas, mining areas, sanitation, community cleaning and other short-distance transport areas.

Battery Types and Performance of Electric Cargo Tricycles

1. Lead-acid batteries (including lead-acid colloidal batteries) are inexpensive and have stable performance. All electric vehicles on the market use such batteries.

2. Lithium-ion batteries (often called lithium batteries) are expensive, unstable, explosive, and have low safety factors. Lithium iron phosphate power batteries currently being developed to solve the safety problem.

Electric battery tricycle battery maintenance, in the process of operation, the battery can not be stored under loss, under normal circumstances, the loss of electricity mainly refers to the battery after the charge has not been charged and prone to cause the salinization of sulfuric acid, so that the crystal of lead sulfate The material adheres to the pole plate of the battery and blocks the channel of the ion, which can cause the charging charge to fail and the capacity of the battery to decrease. The longer the idle time in the deficient state, the more severe the battery damage. When the battery is not in use, it should be charged once a month, so as to extend the service life of the battery.

The battery of the electric tricycle should be inspected regularly during use. If the mileage of the electric bicycle suddenly drops by more than ten kilometers in a short time, it is very likely that at least one of the batteries in the battery group is broken and the plate is softened. , Pelvic active material off and other short-circuit phenomenon. At this time, professional battery repair agencies should be promptly inspected, repaired, or matched.

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