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Basic standards for sport racing motorcycles

- Apr 16, 2018 -

Sport racing motorcycle is a motorcycle racing car that can be legally driven on the road. Its design is mainly oriented to the pursuit of sports performance, so that it has the racing-level acceleration performance, braking ability, and handling and cornering ability.


As a standard sports racing motorcycle, we must first have a high-performance engine, tuning to high-rotational force output, rather than biased toward the low-rotation torque output like ordinary motorcycles; followed by meeting the lightweight requirements, so it is configured Sport performance oriented frame.


In order to ensure the safety during the drive, the sports racing motorcycle has a fully enclosed car shell and a low front split handlebar. The modern standard entry-level sports racing motorcycle has a displacement between 250cc and 400cc and a maximum power output of 50hp, which is the lowest level among sports racing motorcycles.


The middle-class sports racing motorcycle is the starting level in sports racing. Generally speaking, the displacement of middle-class four-cylinder sports car is 600cc or 750cc, and the displacement of medium-weight three-cylinder sports car is 675cc or 800cc, 100km. Accelerate for about 3 seconds, the speed of 270 km / h or so.


In addition, there is a higher public-upgraded sports racing motorcycle, which has a displacement of about 1000cc. The vast majority of sports racing motorcycles use four-cylinder engines. Driven by technology, even the concept of a super sports racing motorcycle has emerged. With a maximum power output of more than 200 horsepower, it is a public upgrade sports racing motorcycle with a large number of advanced electronic assist systems and expensive performance configurations.

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