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Agricultural Gasoline Tricycle Other Vehicle Difference

- Sep 08, 2017 -

On the gasoline tricycle, its specific use, it can be said that there are a lot of. If it is for agriculture, then it is called agricultural gasoline tricycle. However, in essence, it is still a tricycle. Since the beginning of the article mentioned this kind of tricycle, then the following, may wish to come to know, so that we can have some familiarity and understanding.


1. Gasoline disc tricycle, compared with the agricultural gasoline tricycle, there is a difference?
Gasoline disc tricycle and agricultural gasoline tricycle, between the two, there is a certain difference, which is mainly: gasoline disc tricycle, its running speed and flexibility, is very good. While the agricultural gasoline tricycle, which can withstand large loads, as well as in climbing performance, is also very good. So, their focus is different, is two different vehicles.

2. What is the difference between agricultural gasoline tricycle and agricultural diesel tricycles?
Agricultural gasoline tricycle and agricultural diesel tricycle, the difference between them, mainly in the application of traffic conditions, loading requirements, oil requirements, fuel consumption, as well as the driver's driving requirements and so on. So, we can be very good to distinguish between, so that in different circumstances, choose the right type of vehicle.

3. Want to buy second-hand agricultural gasoline tricycle, which way can be carried out? In addition, the agricultural gasoline tricycle in the refueling, add the wrong oil, then, how should deal with?
Want to buy second-hand agricultural gasoline tricycle, in general, is able to go to some of the agricultural petrol tricycle industry website, or some city on the site, to get the product you want.

Agricultural gasoline tricycle, the wrong oil, then, in its handling, not complicated and difficult, as long as the oil tank all the oil let go, then the carburetor in the oil put clean. After that, it is cleaning the carburetor, as well as the spark plug to clean and re-install, you can.

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