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Agricultural Gasoline Tricycle Characteristics

- Aug 19, 2017 -

Now we use the agricultural gasoline tricycle, very intuitive, that is, will be found for the body difference is relatively strong. Agricultural gasoline tricycle is actually used in the whole die stamping molding body, the work of the fine degree is relatively high, the sealing is also relatively strong, Moreover, we actually will not only notice that it is not only high strength, impact Ability is actually stronger.

Agricultural gasoline tricycle.jpg

Now we use the agricultural gasoline tricycle ride more comfortable. On its interior is concerned, is derived from the car style of the principle of design, for its seat cushion look, in fact, it will be based on ergonomic design, an increase of MP3 and cigarette lighter and caller ID And other functions, to minimize the fatigue in the driving of which we feel.

Agricultural gasoline tricycle in power is actually a comprehensive upgrade. Using a low speed and its high torque of the Lovol water-cooled engine, the top of the piston carried out a series of strong oxidation treatment, thermal insulation performance is better; Moreover, we actually will note that it uses Long solid crankshaft, Improve the strength of the connecting rod and bearing, to a certain extent, to adapt to high-speed, high heat and heavy.

Agricultural gasoline tricycle also achieved the chassis upgrade, the chassis structure will be more compact, with a micro-car rear axle and 80 × 40 × 3 heavier frame, it uses the heavier chassis, not only in the In the actual application of the time to ensure its stability, and its carrying capacity is also greatly improved.

We are now using the agricultural gasoline tricycle, carried out the transmission system upgrade. In order to improve the overall capacity of agro-gasoline tricycle on the climbing capacity, the use of the "five-star refueling box" to slow down the twist, so that we can actually note that it will be more adaptable to the road conditions ; At the same time, it can also play a role in protecting the engine and reducing the engine and its rear axle load.

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