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150cc Touring Motorcycles Components and Carburetor Usage Advantage

- May 14, 2018 -

During the operation of the 150cc touring motorcycles, the two ends of the crankshaft are equipped with its magnetic motor, flywheel and clutch driving gear, respectively. The connecting rod of the 150cc tourism motorcycle is a monolithic structure, and the big head is a ring when operating. In the form of a needle, a needle roller bearing and a crank pin are incorporated into the crank connecting rod assembly during operation.

The piston ring of a 150cc travel motorcycle in a two-stroke engine requires an effective attention to align the opening of its piston ring with the positioning pin in the groove of the piston ring, so that it can effectively prevent it to some extent. The piston ring rotates in the ring groove, causing air leakage and scratching the inlet and exhaust ports on the cylinder liner.

The carburetor of the 150cc touring motorcycle is an important component of the motorcycle fuel supply system in the process of operation, and is located to a certain extent between the air cleaner and the air intake of the engine. General motorcycle engines use the intake air flow direction as the suction type, the throttle valve is a plunger type, and the float chamber type carburetor.

The structure of the carburetor of the 150cc touring motorcycle is mainly composed of two parts: the mixing chamber and the float chamber. In the process of operation, the float chamber is mainly located below the carburetor, and the tubing may be effective during operation. Through its throttle switch fuel tank, during operation, through the needle valve on the float to maintain a certain height of the oil surface of the float, so that the oil supply pressure is stable.

The function of the mixing room of the 150cc touring motorcycle is to evaporate the atomization and air mixture of the gasoline in the process of operation. During the operation, the engine can be used to obtain the required mixture under various loads and rotation speeds. It consists of art valves, injection needles, fuel injection pipes, and gas and oil channels.

Through the rotation of the throttle handle of the motorcycle, the throttle wire lanyard is operated to move the throttle valve and the injector needle up and down to change the cross section of the inlet throat and the fuel supply, so as to adapt to the needs of the mixture at different speeds and loads. An idling adjustment screw is installed on one side of the carburetor to adjust idle speed.

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