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150cc motorcycle scooter maintenance

- Dec 29, 2017 -

In comparison, the design of the 150cc motorcycle scooter, the biggest feature of its models is the appearance of individuality, beautiful lights atmosphere. It also reflects well the understanding and interpretation of today's 150cc motorcycle scooters on the fashion of scooters.


Some friends for the 150cc motorcycle scooter do not quite understand, in fact, 150CC refers to the motorcycle engine exhaust. Usually we can also the engine displacement is called the cylinder volume, mainly refers to the piston in the cylinder moving from bottom dead center to top dead center, the volume of space between, that is, the volume of gas. In general, the larger the volume, the more powerful the engine, and the more powerful the motorcycle is.


So, how to maintain this 150cc motorcycle scooter? In fact, the right maintenance can extend the life of the motorcycle, but also can give us a better ride experience. As a user, in the maintenance, be sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions provided for maintenance. One regular replacement of oil is an important part. Often, the oil needs to be changed every 1,000 kilometers when the car is riding.


Usually when the 150cc motorcycle scooter reaches 5,000 km, the gear oil should be replaced in time, meanwhile, the air should be cleaned or replaced. In addition, during daily use, but also pay attention to regularly check the brake, or replace the brake pads, regular replacement of spark plugs, check the battery capacity regularly.


In the riding process, the general first 150cc motorcycle scooter warm-up for three minutes. It should be noted that, during driving, try to avoid sudden throttle, must be a smooth transition, nor by the brakes to slow down. Usually do not frequent washing 150cc motorcycle scooter, flushing attention to the harness, so as to avoid damp short circuit.

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