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150cc gasoline trikes traffic considerations

- Dec 27, 2017 -

Normally, a new 150cc gasoline trikes needs to be checked before use, or after it is reassembled, and make sure the bolts, nuts and other connections at each connection are securely fastened. And also to make 150CC petrol tricycle in the bearing state, carefully check the leaf spring U-bolt nut tightening torque, and even the complex to achieve the required value.


Under normal circumstances, 150CC petrol tricycles every 200 to 300 kilometers, should be a major inspection. At the same time also pay attention to keep the engine started in the throttle, the body temperature to rise and the basic normal oil pressure before they can start. Before hanging the file, you need to make sure the handbrake is released and first depress the clutch pedal. If you do not hang up the gear for the first time, you can re-engage the clutch, press the clutch pedal again, and then gear up again.


In the starting process, should pay attention to slowly release the clutch pedal 150CC gasoline tricycle, to ensure a smooth start. During driving, when the vehicle stopped after the reverse gear. In the flameout time, be careful not to use the method of opening the pressure relief valve, but should be the way to stop the throttle.


After parking, the parking brake handle of the 150cc gasoline trikes should be pulled to brake the car. If the ambient temperature is lower than -5 ℃ or stop for a long time, you need to exhaust the cooling water in the water tank of the gasoline engine first, so as not to frost the related parts. After the engine flameout should be pulled off the key, should be stored.


Need to remind everyone that, as far as possible not to park on the ramp 150CC gasoline tricycle. If necessary, the low speed gear should be mounted after pulling the parking brake. If it is ramp down for a long time, add wedge wood under the wheel of 150cc gasoline trikes.

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